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About Sylhet Royal

Residents in Felixstowe will be delighted to know that the spirit of India has arrived in Faulkeners Way Trimley St Mary. The Sylhet Royal will be serving the whole of Felixstowe and the villages with free delivery on orders over £10. Your food will be prepared using time honoured traditions and highly experienced chefs recognised with many awards collected over the years. The management includes husband and wife team who are committed to the success of Sylhet Royal and recognise the importance of providing a high quality product couple with superb customer experience.

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Our Food

Our menu has all the classic Indian dishes from Balti dishes which are a fairly spicy, cooked in a wok with a special sauce. These include Balti Chicken, King Prawn Balti and Lamb Tikka Balti. Another favourite is the selection of Tandoori specials. The Tandoori is a real classic and a firm favourite. The food is cooked in a clay oven and is served with salad, this is often seen as a more healthier option. Traditional Tandoori meals include Chicken Shashlik which comes with added tomatoes and peppers or you may opt for Tandoori grilled salmon which is absolutely delicious!



Our Specials

The team at The Sylhet Royal pride themselves in not only providing a premium quality selection of the classics but a wide range of house specials designed with you the customer in mind. Our specials are dishes which bear the The Sylhet Royal signature, by adding rare spices and cooking in a certain way you will find our Lamb Jalfrezi truly amazing. A dish like Lamb Jalfrezi is widely available but we have put our unique twist on this and many other dishes. This is what makes our food and menu unique and award winning. Customers are welcome to ask the team any questions.


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